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Nishant Kumar

My fav one: The iPhone story.

I was having this heated argument with my then girlfriend and I remember she making absolutely no logic in her arguments. I was so fried up in anger, I disconnected the call and took a full swing to smash the iPhone on the wall.

I got the panic attack before throwing realizing how expensive it was.

My mother, watching all this drama while sipping her tea murmured: “When I was your age, we could slam the phone down when we hung up in anger!”

The look on my face was of a wet clueless dog! :(

Barry Hampe

My favorite is a golf story. Two golfers were coming up to their second shot on the fairway, which was a dogleg to the right. On the direct line between the younger golfer and the green was a good size tree. It looked like he’d have to waste a shot, hitting straight ahead to where the fairway bent to the right and then another shot to get to the green.

His partner, an older man, said to him, “When I was your age, I’d take a four wood and hit right over that tree, straight to the green.”

The young golfer looked at his situation once again, then selected his four wood and lined up a shot over the tree right to the green. He swung, connected, and the ball flew up right into the branches of the tree and then dropped into the rough.

“Of course,” the older golfer said, “when I was your age, that tree was a lot shorter.”

John Ramos

When I was your age, there were no awesome strangers in the internet to answer my questions.

Avinash Hiremath

When I was of your age, Bangalore Metro was under construction.

Oh wait! it still is.

When I was of your age, Rajinikanth were angry young man and would fight like crazy.

Oh wait, he still does.

When I was of your age, Gandhis were looting India

Oh wait, they still are.

When I was of your age, India was a developing country.

Oh wait, it still is.

When I was of your age, it used to take us 3 hours to cover 50KM on any vehicle.

Oh wait, it still takes the same time.

When I was of your age… well, nothing much has changed.

Diana Crețu

When I was your age, being over 30 meant being old.

But when I was 20, I realized my mistake. It was those over 40 who were actually old.

Now I’m 33, and I finally know that old people are those over 50.

Prachi Vaidya

My brother: When I was your age people had to work so hard for everything.

Me: For example?

My brother: Had to press the 7 key four times just to type an S. Phew!

Dan Knight

“When I was your age, a man could be fond of children and not be considered a sexual predator.”

“When I was your age, I would go to the pub to find a girlfriend, now I open an app.”

“When I was your age, my phone battery would last over a day.”

“When I was your age, I would go to a shop, hunt up and down the aisles, queue for ages, wait for assistance when the barcode cannot be found, use bits of metal and paper to pay for my goods and carry them home. Now I go to a website, click a button and wait for someone to deliver.

“When I was your age, cigarettes didn’t need batteries.”

“When I was your age, I’d carry round one book at a time.”

“When I was your age, Santa didn’t need a background check.”

“When I was your age, AIDS was one of the biggest viral killers in the world. 3 decades and 35 million infections later, it looks like HIV may be evolving into being less deadly and less infectious” – HIV evolving ‘into milder form.’

“When I was your age, I’d have to wait to hear my favourite song on the radio. Now I click a button.”

“When I was your age, I’d need to take my turntables, vinyl, needles, cables, adapters, cleaning cloths and spares of everything. Now I need a tablet and a pair of headphones.”

“When I was your age, I had to close my eyes and use my imagination to fantasise about a beautiful woman. Now I click a button.”

“When I was your age, everyone thought we’d be living in space by now.”

“When I was your age, the technology in films was a fantasy, now it’s reality.”

“When I was your age, I’d discuss quandaries with my mates down the pub. Now I just use Google.”

“When I was your age, I’d never make groaning noises everytime I stand up or sit down.”

“When I was your age, there were 4 television channels (in the UK).”

“When I was your age, my watch only told me the time and date.”

“When I was your age, I’d write a letter to my favourite celebrity, now I tweet them.”

“When I was your age, teenagers weren’t half as annoying as I find them now.”

And the absolute classic example:

“When I was your age, this was all fields.”

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