I refer to habits, attitudes, actions from any country where Chinese (or Oriental) folk are the majority, or form a large minority.

Caspar Chiquet
Drink warm boiled water.

Taylor Bradford
Live to be 95, look like you’re 50, and stand around in parks all morning clapping your hands.

SI Nuo
Very senior men; walk a bird in a cage.
Middle to senior men; play chess in the public with people watching.

Senior women; dance in squares at dusk

Xiang Li
Playing majiang which is really interesting.

By the way, the unbelievable lose of chinese team in euro is really a national shame even compared with Team China of soccer.

Wenzhe Chen
Try to pay the bill first of all.

Tierney Wong
eat Lao GanMa

Jane Chou
Behave over-friendly to foreigners.

Amy Li
Ask your neighbor how much money he/she is making

Jennefer Chen
- We either have intense road rage, or inspire intense road rage in others.
- We like to drive luxury SUVs. Strictly in the colours white, off white, and crème brûlée.
- We laugh when we’re nervous or embarrassed.
- We note that you drink ice water. And infer that you probably make other audacious choices in life like date outside your race and get B’s in math.
- We like to beat our children with bamboo sticks. But they’re not so accessible in America. So now we beat them with our iPads.
- It confounds us why rich, White people insist on pretending to be poor. Backpacking through Europe? Why not limousine.
- You offended us when we offered you a fourth helping of our homemade, home-brined chicken feet and you blankly refused us with, “no thanks, I’m full.”
- We still remember the time our cable guy came traipsing through our front door to install our TV service with his big, dirty boots after we’ve just mopped the floors. We were appalled, but offered him chicken feet anyway.
I speak on behalf of every one of my fellow Chinese people. If you disagree, I encourage you to express your grievances to me via pigeon mail. My window is open.

Watson Li
Go to home town for the Spring Festival

Drake Ballew
Has anyone already mentioned how people in China tend to squat?

It’s pretty noticeable when you first arrive and you make a lot of jokes about how it looks like everyone’s getting ready to unload into a toilet…but then you start doing it and it feels awesome. Great for the lower back.

Rohan Kakar
Posing with a “V”..!

Elliott Chen
Love the money. Hard.

Andrew Hui
Have 8′s in our License Plates. (or 9′s depending on which part of China you’re from)

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