Shrey Manish
That we are really dumb at ‘picking up hints’. We aren’t subtle, we are far from being subtle and have trouble comprehending all the subtlety.
So please, do your guy a favor and spell out, loud and clear, what you want to get across.

There are some gentlemen who don’t even look at you so that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Saumye Srivastava
You can approach us too.

Ameya Godbole
All men answering this question are trying to sound smart and differentiate themselves from the other men.
This is what we do. Always! We contend to prove how different and better we are than rest of the lot.

Here are the things I wish my girlfriend knew:
1) You aint the center of our universe, you’re just at the center of our heart. We’ll be thinking about other stuff at times, deal with it.
2) If you’re having doubts about the relationship, talk to us and not to your girlfriends.
3)We aint your personal Atm account. If you have 10 pairs of shoes, its two times more than enough.
4) Dont ask us to match your clothes, we dont know the difference between sapphire and blue.
5) Talk to other guys but make sure he knows you’re taken.
6) If guys flirt, dont flirt back, unless your boyfriend understands.
7) Making your boyfriend jealous to get his attention is cruel.

Swagat Siddhartha
1)You Gotta Stay Away From His Internet Search History
2)You Shouldn’t Take It Personally When we Checks Out Other Women
3)Never Criticize our Mothers
4)We Notices When You Don’t Wear The Jewelry we Bought You
5)We really don’t mind when women offer to pay for food sometimes Because free food is awesome!

Sudhir Suvarna
If I care for someone, I write to someone regularly – then it does not mean anything else except that I just want to be in touch with the person.

Real gentlemen are an endangered species, not extinct.

Jim Wilson
That just because we’re staring off into space, we’re not necessarily thinking of anything and, if we are, it’s probably something like “what do I want for lunch” or “I sure do like sex” or “I wonder if the game is on “. It’s rarely anything deep or meaningful. Men aren’t complicated creatures.

Shubham Choudhary
My top 3.
1. If a guy loves Football or Rock music, he’s not trying hard to be a typical guy, he actually loves those things.
3. Guys can also be bad at maths.

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