Although when it comes to asking sex questions, people should head to their doctor, many would prefer the Internet. Which, in many ways, makes sense. You don’t have to look anyone in the eye, you get to remain completely anonymous, and if you get a response you don’t like, you can tell the person to eff off ― you know, all those wonderful things that the Internet allows.

According to SuperDrug, over 40,000 questions about sex have been asked on Yahoo! Answers since 2005. So what’s being asked and who’s doing the asking? Here the major reoccurring themes.

1. Intercourse Gets The Most Inquires

Of the sex-related questions asked, 22.67 percent have been about sex and intercourse specifically. In second place comes “other” sex related topics (blow jobs, maybe?) at 19.58 percent, and questions about masturbation come in third place with 13.82 percent of the questions probing that subject.

2. India Asks The Most Questions About HIV And AIDS

Overall, at 33.69 percent, people have far more questions about HIV/AIDS than any other infection they can contract from sex. In five of the six countries researched for this project (U.S., U.K., Spain, India, Australia, and Italy), HIV/AIDS inquiries remain the forefront with India being the most concerned at 75.91 percent of STI questions being about HIV/AIDS there. In Spain, however, only 6.57 percent of questions asked are about HIV/AIDS.

3. Spain Is Looking For Answers About Hepatitis

Since very few people asking Yahoo! Answers about HIV/AIDS in Spain, obviously their major concern lies elsewhere. Where exactly? Hepatitis and herpes. For those living in Spain, 50.17 percent of them have questions about hepatitis and 30.22 percent want answers about herpes.

4. India Is Really Curious About Masturbation

With 37.18 percent of the sex related questions in India being about masturbation, it’s easy to deduce that maybe these people need a little lesson in how (and why) self-love is the gift that keeps in giving. In both the U.S. and Australia, the highest percentages of questions are about sex and intercourse, at 25.77 percent and 32.26 percent, respectively.
In Spain, 47.16 percent of questions are about Viagra, whereas only 0.12 percent is about intercourse. I just love those Spaniards!

5. When It Comes To Erectile Dysfunction Questions, Viagra Takes The Cake

Although we already know that people in Spain really want answers about Viagra, when it comes to ED, everyone’s favorite question is about Viagra, at 55.31 percent. Cialis, which is another ED treatment on the market only gets 12.39 percent of the questions, and 1.16 percent of the questions are about something called Horny Goat weed, which also apparently, can help a man “perform” better.

6. ‘Can You’ Is The Most Popular First Two-Word Combo For Sex Questions

When it comes to HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, herpes, HPV, and gonorrhea, the majority of people start their question with “Can You…” For Viagra, erection, and intercourse topics, those questions start with the two-word combo “Is it…” But when it comes to masturbation, 32.61 percent of people start their question with “Does masturbation…” I imagine there’s a lot of “make you blind” that follows.

7. The Majority Of Masturbation Questions Are Religious Based

Well, I guess my assumption that masturbation questions regarding going blind was way off, because according to this study over 5,000 people a month ask Yahoo! Answers, “What does the bible say about masturbation?” If that doesn’t make your eyes roll enough, then the fact that, every month mind you, 720 people ask if masturbation will give them acne and 590 people ask if it will make their penis smaller, definitely should.

8. ‘Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?’ Is The Most Common Question Of All

With almost 50,000 searches every month, women are still trying to figure out if they can get pregnant on their period. The answer to that is a resounding YES; you absolutely can get pregnant on your period. Look! I just saved you a trip to Yahoo! Answers.

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