1. Don’t let blue whale cum on your face! You will suffocate.

2. This is the Micronecta Scholtzi it’s the loudest animal in the world. Well,Relative to his size. It produces 99.2Db.. with his Penis.

3. The average panda craps forty times a day!

4. If you want to die, stand between water and a hippopotamus.

5. One in every 4 million lobster is born with a rare genetic dissorder that turns it blue, one in every 30 million is yellow.

6. A dolphin doesn’t drink seawater, if he does, he dies.

7. Clams are all male when they are born.They can later choose what they want to be, the process is irreversible.

8. A turtle can breath through his anus.

9. A pig orgasm last for 30 mins. The lucky bastard.

10. The right whale holds the record for biggest balls. They weigh 500 Kg each.

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