America: “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about the outcome.”
Australia: “Same, but for the Hottest 100.” @camtyeson

me, woke australian: wow. america is just screwed
asylum seeker in cage: [muffled screams]
me: trying to watch cnn here, shut up man @jonathonio

3. True dat @workmanalice

4. florida is jenny from the l word @Brocklesnitch

5. ME: [reading a tweet that starts with 'Dear America'] yes, yes! this is the good shit right here. @bencjenkins

6. hey, america @jemimaskelley

7. Ahhhh USA Election Day the day that Australians are insufferably condescending to Americans – I can’t get enough @dannolan

8. Is it true that if Donald Trump loses he will build his own White House and live there and shout orders and pretend he is the president? @chrisurquhart

9. Dear America. If the worst happens tomorrow make sure you don’t try to come to Australia by boat. @seanpetermusic

10. a good idea for a tweet today would be “americans dont even get a democracy sausage”. between 100 and 100,000 people should tweet this @thomas_violence

11. Hey USA, we got you @Ebswearspink

12. He legit looks like a toddler playing spaceships in a cardboard box. @mitchfel

13. In the future we will vote by casting a steaming hot take into the ballot box, before turning to our countrymen and whispering, ‘I woked.’ @jessica_alice_

America : We’re choosing the next leader of the Free World.
Australia : Using the C word to promote Tourism. @Grugster

us politics: we are voting for the future of civilisation
australian politics: why can’t we say the n-word in print @MarkDiStef

dear america
the rest of the world is judging you on this election
PS @tfswebb

17. Not what I was expecting to see on the NYT page, at all @smurray38

18. Telstra would NEVER do this @Tahls