1. I love girls who compliment me like I love u let’s be friends @TattedChanel

2. when beautiful ass girls tell me I’m gorgeous… Like wow what did I do to deserve this @FemaleTexts

3. I love when pretty girls compliment me like girrrl u Poppin too boo @naijahl

4. Girls who compliment other girls stay winning @JenSelter

5. me when a woman compliments me vs when a man compliments me @ariellebeau

*random guy compliments me*
me: ew, creep
*random girl compliments me*
me: omgggg you are giving me life! @abagg

7. when women tell me i’m cute vs. when men tell me i’m cute @ethiopienne

8. girls who compliment other girls genuinely are just a whole different breed. true queens @MIAKHALlFA

9. I get more flustered and flattered when women compliment me than I do even when the guy I’m into compliments me lol @farwzaz

10. I love when girls tell me I’m pretty & then I tell them they’re pretty and then we’re just all pretty and happy together @fitality95

11. me when boys compliment me vs me when girls compliment me @raichew

12. When a woman compliments my boobs vs when a man compliments my boobs. @spokenELLE

13. i love when girls tell me my makeup looks nice or ask me where i got my bag like who needs gross compliments from men when we have eachother @ughposts

random woman: [compliments me]
me: omg!!!! thank you so much!!!!!!
random man: [compliments me]
me: ………………… @ethiopienne

15. I love overhearing women compliment each other’s brows @greenhousegoth