1. dear america, we thought it would be a fun joke to vote brexit and now we all want to die. take this a bit seriously. sincerely, britain @tom_harlock

2016: “I’ll amaze you. The UK will vote to leave the EU”
“Trump will be president”
“A Brit will be tennis No.1”
“WTAF! Get out!” @davidschneider

3. I just tried to Vote Trump & the staff wouldn’t let me just because I’m “in Kent” & “this is a Tesco self service checkout @Cain_Unable

4. Good to see people have got their priorities right today @Benoo_Brown

5. There’s been a mix up, it’s not Donald Trump it’s actually Abra Cadabra featuring Krept & Konan with ‘Robbery’.. @AmplifyDot

Dear America,
You can borrow this if you like, might come in handy today.

7. I’m updating Flash Player. This is what this election has driven me to. @katiesol

8. just when you think it can’t get worse waitrose are out of buckwheat @mutablejoe

9. “I wasn’t expecting that. That was a negative and right now I need two positives.” @PoliticalAP

10. This is my final call, any American who wants to escape and get British citizenship I will marry you for the love of god @bitterarab

11. @Yasmeenn_xx

12. My 11 year-old daughter just made up a great joke: I bet Donald J. Trump brags that his middle initial stands for genius. @JenCrittenden

13. America, I repeat l, vote wisely. We Brits didn’t and look what’s happened @JenniferSWallen

14. He can’t even wear his wig cap in the appropriate way. His toupe always hanging to one side. Yet here, be president. @kelechnekoff

15. Still waiting for this tbh @cotheartist

*Leaves bag in for 45 minutes*
Nope, still not strong enough. @YorkshireTea

17. No option but to head out into Walthamstow in the pouring rain and embark on a mindblitzing orgy of hedonism. Meet you outside Paddy Power. @rhodri

18. While Hillary was dabbing and doing mannequin challenge Donald trump was doing bits @cscottheron