1. BREAKING: America @paleofuture

2. Michelle Obama should’ve ran for president I don’t mind eating whole-grain chicken wings @Lookinfor_G

3. maybe if we put 2016 in rice? @JamieDMJ

4. me when the results first started coming in vs me now @sheIIymarie

5. What followed was the Great Depression. @Anthony

1928 was last time Republicans had the White House, the House and the Senate. @AnnCoulter

England: Nothing can be more embarrassing than Brexit.
America: Watch this. @Aaron_Sparrow

7. Can Obama not just turn the telly up really loud and pretend he didn’t hear the doorbell? @MarkSimpsonHUFC

8. Suicide Squad, 2016 @lucripeta

9. Ok, don’t panic… If we hold the North and South Pole down simultaneously for eight seconds, it’ll automatically restore to factory settings. @_Enanem_

2016: i cant believe trump wins elections.
2020: can president trump do that?
2025: oh, my district won the 1st hunger games. @bananfannafo

11. If Trump can seriously win the PRESIDENCY OF THIS NATION, I don’t want to see a job description with “experience required” ever again @Tim_Nordahl

12. “Fam I was just trolling the whole time…” @_iMcNasty

13. I feel sorry for Michelle Obama. Now she has to write Melania Trump’s victory speech. @craigreucassel

14. America –– officially that one friend who takes the joke way, way, way too far. @BuzzFeedIndia

15. The John Lewis Christmas advert better be fucking spectacular @westerfest

16. “B-b-but I dabbed….” @Bigpapibeez

17. Shut the fuck up we all know you’re voting for donald trump. I hope you know you were the useless jonas brother. @ANTITAO

Whoever wins We need to remember that we are Americans that want the best for our country We need to unify, move forward. God bless America @kevinjonas