On the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon cracked folks up with his latest hashtag, #MyFamilyIsWeird. Let’s Check out 25 of the best ones:

1. My granny turns tv off while undressing so men on tv don’t see her naked. @kittykaresless

2. We have a kids table, adults table, and a “kids who should be married but aren’t yet” table at every holiday gathering. @maddyyypryor

3. My uncle teaches all my cousins how to drive in the cemetery because “you can’t kill anyone there.” @MauraNealon12

4. When we can’t find our Mom in a store, we “meow” like a cat and we’ll hear our Mom meow back halfway across the store. @BaileyKnaub

5. My father in law was so cheap, he washed paper plates. @pswinnauthor

6. We celebrate the dog’s birthday every year, which is also my birthday! We have to share one bone shaped cake. @2muchHaT

7. My grandpa turns all three tv’s to the same channel and turns them up. He calls it “surround sound” @baylor_caitlyn

8. One time at a restaurant my mom kept telling the waiter him and I should be best friends because we had the same name. @kingedhill

9. My grandparents lied about their anniversary for 40 years cause my uncle was born a little too early after the wedding. @lyssbrooke273

10. My grandma made chili for us and after everyone was served she said, “That’s the ladle I use for gardening.” @kejade

11. They made their own dryer setting that says “Kind of damp, but late for work.” @SethGoodtime

12. My mom thought my weed was seasoning and used it for cooking. my entire family was high and I’ve never been so amused @Backinthedaytw

13. My great-grandmother kept a notebook with the name of every contestant on Wheel of Fortune and how much money they won. @TommiJoKarma

14. My dad keeps a cardboard cutout of a shirtless Bradley Cooper in his home gym that he uses for inspiration. @KristenRose124

15. My aunt REFUSED to make left turns in cars and would plan her route so she wouldn’t have to make a left turn. @ThatKeithONeil

16. At ever family gathering, my grandmother insists on taking pictures to add to her funeral picture board. @bonniebrookster

17. My mom didn’t want to move to the west coast because she thought breaking news would be delayed by 3 hours @SamanthaLynn13

18. My parents got divorced and then moved three houses away from one another and routinely have dinner together. @_sprf

19. My mom once asked my dad how people in the middle of the ocean could breathe if there were no trees around to make oxygen. @akrueger_2

20. When waiting for the check at a restaurant we spin a knife and whoever it lands on has to make a barnyard animal noise @aaron_bo_briggs

21. Once at an Outback, my grandma pulled a spoon out from her purse and said her mouth was too small for the ones at Outback @Jtasseff

22. My brother once ordered the “quicky” at a restaurant. He was ordering the “Quiche” @monicamm9

23. When my Uncle died he left everyone in his Will 2 cents. Yes, he was a very opinionated man. @Billy_Pentz

24. A doctor once discovered 2 pennies stuck to my dad’s ass during a physical @andrewfreel13

25. My grandma was completely silent on Space Mountain at Disney. When asked why she said, “I didn’t want my teeth to fly out.” @jonathantony