(Thanksgiving Dinner)
“This turkey is so good”
Uncle: “……you know what’s not good?”
“Pls don’t..”

2. I love Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to slave for hours over a meal my kids will rudely reject in front of relatives who are judging my parenting @TragicAllyHere

3. #OverheardAtThanksgivingDinner Yes, I’m still single. No, I’m not a lesbian. Please pass the wine. @gigirules7

4. Me on thanksgiving, me on Christmas, me when I’m mad, me when I’m sad, this is just really me. @araslanian_

5. College students showing up to Thanksgiving dinner next week like @_CollegeHumor_

6. If I never wake up from this food coma, please tell my family I died doing what I love. @harikondabolu

7. arriving at thanksgiving dinner vs leaving @pakalupapito

8. *2 weeks after thanksgiving*
Me: Ma Im hungry what are you cooking ?
Mom: Go Eat Them Leftovers @DaddyLiahh

9. The hardest part about Thanksgiving is convincing the family I only eat like this on holidays @Celestinelea90

10. Thank you, Thanksgiving, for being a time for family. And thank you, football and alcohol, for making that tolerable. @jimmyfallon

11. Aw Happy Almost Thanksgiving @ImNotScottySire

12. I don’t start my holiday shopping until after Thanksgiving when I find out which family members I am still on good terms with. @curlycomedy

13. Me on Thanksgiving @coIIegestudentz

14. Thanksgiving tips! @StrangePintura

15. Everyone’s all “turkey makes you sleepy!” like it’s not all the alcohol you drank to tolerate family. @sarcasticmommy4

16. My Thanksgiving is the day after, when I eat a cold turkey sandwich in the middle of the night over the kitchen sink in my underwear alone. @BillDixonish

Aunt: You know tattoos are a lifetime commitment.
Me: but your marriage wasn’t.
#ThanksgivingClapBack @LexUpNext

18. When you full asf at thanksgiving dinner and ya grandma puts more food on your plate @scumcityceo

19. Thankful for Happy Thanksgiving mass texts from people I haven’t heard from since last year’s Happy Thanksgiving mass text @DanMasonTweets

20. The worst part about driving to visit your family for Thanksgiving is not being able to already be drunk when you walk in the door. @DadandBuried