pretty girls: id rather be called beautiful than hot
me: lol ill take what i can get carbshawty

i think it’s cute when someone admits they have a crush on you whosromeo
i think it’s a fucking miracle scott-pilgrimage

mom: you’re so beautiful, sweetie!
dad: if any boy asks you out, i’m coming for him.
grandparents: you’re so gorgeous, guys must be all over you
friends of parents: you’re going to break a lot of hearts
friends: you’re pretty, now shut up.
boys: why is that potato looking at me ztouchdstars

4. person: you look tired me: no im just ugly commontrashcan

“Why are u single?”
“How come u haven’t brought anybody home?”
Me: @FreddyAmazin

6. when your friends are talking about all the guys they are talking to and you just sit there like #GrowingUpUgly@styleslani

7. When someone attractive is complaining about being ugly but they don’t know the real struggle @JAlLBATE

8. When u feel really hot but look terrible in all your selfies koolaidicecubes

9. Being ugly is poppin cause ya phone doesn’t blow up all the time and ya battery lasts long. benadryldad

10. When someone jokes about another person having a crush on you and the person goes “LMAO I WOULD NEVER”. dreadtornado

i dont trust people who never had an ugly phase
they have not suffered like the rest of us charlie.ga

12. when your friend posts an ugly photo of you and your crush likes it seedy

13. #growingupugly @hannah_2000527

14. if you think i’m ugly now you should have seen me in 2009 xenoqueene

When a hot boy texts you first

When he starts asking about your hot friend


16. tryna post a selfie like moonwalksaway

17. you were always tagged as “the funny one” in these types of pictures @eldraziii

18. you can tell how awkward and ugly i was as a teen because of how wonderful my personality is now @NatalyaLobanova