1. Note to self: in order to write, you have to actually do more than stare at a Word document rereading what you’ve already written. For example, maybe typing new words would be a good strategy. literallyflashtrash

thesis statement: i just think it’s funny how…
body paragraph: first of all…
conclusion: so next time you… notwifi

3. receiving positive essay feedback is my biggest kink virgoboy

4. college professor: i’m rejecting your evolutionary biology thesis
me: wtf why dude
college professor: you added “(lmao)” every time you mentioned the species Homo Erectus memeufacturing




8. Writting an essay and getting to the 2nd paragraph cassywinchestertheangel


10. me, writing academic text: these words make no sense but they sound impressive next to each other. this sentence started four lines back and has 4 commas but i haven’t reached my point yet. help me vampiregerards


elementary school: remember to brainstorm then write a first draft then your final draft and don’t forget to reread and edit!
college: i just wrote that shit in 1 hour and submitted it with 2 minutes to spare what the fuck is a “draft” haylyeah

13. This inspired opening statement. 477



16. when you forget theres homework due tomorrow pornstarbucks