Narayan Babu

“Are you sleeping?”


My girlfriend and I went to watch Avatar when it was released. Apparently, it was her first 3D movie experience and God was she excited.

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When she came out of the theater, visibly overwhelmed, she asked me, “Don’t you think the world would be much more beautiful if we could see it in 3D?”

I drank myself to death that night.

Diana Cretu

“What is the correct spelling… Iran or Iraq?”

Nirmal Sabu

Answering a call at my home:

Me: Hello?
Friend: Hey dude, where are you?
Me: At pizza hut, I took the landline with me….

Sonnet Fitzgerald

My sister is adopted from Korea. She was only about 10 weeks old – an almost newborn infant – when she came home to us.

Several people, as in more than one, asked me at the time, “So does she speak Korean?” or “Does she have an accent?”


Divine Anamekwe

*On arrival at a new school*
Girl – So, where are you from?
Me – Nigeria
Girl – Where’s that?
Me – It’s a country in Africa
Girl – No, Africa is a country
Me – I’m sure it’s a continent
Girl – No, Nigeria must be a town in Africa
Another girl – He must be confused

Shiva Teja Reddy

Why do these guys listen to music all the time?

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Dinesh Verma

“So, you like Metallica. Which Metallica bands do you like?”

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Nandita Rao

Conversation with a girl on the Subway in NYC :

Her:”Are you from India?”


Her:”Really unfair how we Americans just start talking about Slumdog millionaire everytime we talk to an Indian”

Me(Surprised because I’d never heard that before):”Ya, that’s really annoying”

Her:”I mean India isn’t all slums, I was in Dubai last year, you guys lead a pretty luxurious lifestyle, dunno why only word about slums goes around”

Me – “huh??”

Her:”I guess its mainly because of states like Pakistan and Bangladesh!”

Me – speechless

Sidharth Rao

‘So will the website you build for us work on Internet explorer and Godzilla both?’

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(You can argue that my client had a honest slip of tongue, but she said Godzilla again 10 mins later. My colleague and I had to excuse ourselves pretending to use the washroom suddenly because we couldn’t control our laughter any further )

Venkat Krishnan

My friend after watching Batman Begins…

” Dude, who is this Gotham they keep talking about all the time ? “

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Ariel Williams

Getting into the elevator on the 6th floor of a 6 floor building….

Them: “Going down?”

Me: “No, I plan to shoot right out of the roof! Wanna join me?”

We both had a good laugh and it was said with a smile.

Vineet Kumar

“How come chicken breasts don’t have nipples?”

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My whole point of view towards chicken changed that day.

Sahil Vaidya

“Dude, who is this Anon User? He seems to have knowledge of almost everything!”

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Venkateshwar Jayakanth

My Friend on seeing a jaguar car.

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“So now PUMA has started manufaturing cars too?”

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