Nidhi Nasiar

Him : “Call me when you get home.”
Mom : “Did you eat your dinner?”
Friend in hostel : “I have saved a few Kachori (Indian snack) for you.”
Father : “ Let me know if he (ex-boyfriend) troubles you much, I will break his bones. Also, I have transferred the amount to your account. Go, buy that cell phone.”
Grandma : “Come, I will give you a head massage. (Aja, tel ki malish kar du)”
Crush : “Hi ! “ (Oh my god, he knows I exist !)
Child labourer *After I handed him a candy* : “Thank you Didi (sister).”
Cab Driver : “Here’s your wallet ma’am. You left it on the back seat.”

That’s all it takes to make your day !

Arching Rajan

I recently started volunteering with a NGO in bangalore. As I joined during the summer vacations I’ve been taking summer camps in government schools around. I went to this government school in Gottigere where a few of us were handling classes for 5th and 6th. Being non kannadiga the kids had no clue what I was teaching them. Complete confusion and chaos. Somehow managed to convey the message to them and it was a day well spent.

After the session was over these bunch of small cute girls came running upto me and hugged me. They grabbed my hand and asked me – “will you be coming back?”

Me: “I don’t know if I will”

Girls:” please come back please please please, we are taking you to our home today” It totally touched me. I never expected such a sweet reaction from lovely girls. It made me realise that a little time of our life can make a lot of difference in someone else’s…. To me so far that’s been the sweetest moment… I even captured a photo with those beautiful kids and I’m sharing it here…. I’m sure you’ll see the joy on their face :)

I encourage you all to participate in such events and believe me it gives you maximum satisfaction.

Sampurna Mukherjee

Like most grandkids, I am a humongous fan of my grandma. She’s my role model – her virtues are endless! Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple of years back and doesn’t recognize me anymore.

This one time somebody asked her pointing towards me – “O ke?” (“Who is she?”)

She replied – “Ota toh ami.” (“That is me”)

Sandeep Ojha

My mom packs two extra packets of food whenever she cooks lunch for me. I just have to deliver it to any two homeless people who come on my way.

While going to the office I would usually see them on bridges, pavement or on the edges of the road. I would give the packets to them, share a smile and then go to office.

So, one day when I gave the food to a woman who was suffering from leprosy, she smiled and while keeping her deformed palms together thanked me.

But in a moment her expressions changed and she became worried.

And with her right hand in questioning gesture and an innocent look on face, she childishly asked me in Tamil,

“Appo, nee enna sapduva?”
Translation – Then, What will You have?

The food was packed really well and gave the impression as if it came from a hotel. She thought I was giving away my lunch to her to which I replied,

“Idhu Ungaluku Dhan, Ennodadhu bag kulla irruku”
Translation – This is for you, mine is inside the bag.

After knowing that it was not my lunch she was relieved. And once again raised her palms to thank me.

Although she was sitting on the side of a road with leprosy and deformed hands, she cared for me before blindly receiving food from me. It made my day.

Her concern for me before herself, made me wonder and touched me. That’s how I should be in adversities.

A great lesson learned in her small gesture. Her concern, moved me.

You don’t have to be rich or healthy to have a big heart.

Her simple question is one of the sweetest things that someone has ever said to me. :’)

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