1. Why is it called a ‘dad-bod’ and not a ‘father-figure’? @SkinnerSteven

2. what idiot named it jurassic world instead of parks and rex @inthefade

3. What idiot called him Steve Jobs instead of Mac Daddy @StevieKnip

4. Why is childbirth called “delivery” and not “take out?” @hunz74

5. What idiot named it balding & not vanishing into thin hair @WienerToboggan

6. What idiot called it the road to Bethlehem instead of the highway to the manger zone? @ABurgerADay

7. Why is it called “reading a book” and not paper view? @daemonic3

8. What idiot called it a contraction and not a birthquake? @Fun_Beard

9. Why is it called ‘Your Bowels’ and not ‘Your Instinks’ @T_Bonezzz_

10. What idiot called it removing a curse and not a hexagon? @KatWar1

11. What idiot called it a rhyme book & not rapping paper @Fred_Delicious

12. Why is it called “Alien vs Predator”? Isn’t predator an alien too? They should’ve just called it “Some Aliens” @kodeeezzzy

13. Why is an angry drunk not called mean-spirited? @topaz_kell

Any questions?
“Why isn’t Bigfoot called Bigfeet?”
No about working here
“Oh! If he worked here would you call him Bigfeet?”

15. What idiot named her Miley Cyrus’ grandma and not Nana Montana. @the_paramedicK

16. What idiot called it Oktoberfest instead of Octo-Bar? @little_hansel

17. Why isn’t a menu board at a coffee house called JavaScript? @knot_eye

18. I always thought ‘walking the red carpet’ was a euphemism for having your period. @gordonshumway

19. What idiot called it a rattlesnake’s warning rattle and not a cautionary tail? @punmagnate

20. Why is it called cat nip and not meowjuana? @concretesledge_