Day-in-day-out, we experience the struggles of having to swap them with sunglasses and not being able to see in sunny weather. When we enter a warm room, our lenses steam up and we can’t see. And that also happens when we have a hot drink.

“You’d look a lot better if you didn’t wear glasses.”
yeah well you’d look a lot better if I wasn’t wearing my glasses either bye apolkadotnerd

How many optometrists does it take to change a light bulb? One or two?
… or two?

3. Sometimes it blows my mind that there are people that don’t wear glasses/contacts. Like they can literally see with no aid. Like they wake up and just be out here seeing. What a wild concept. baetology

4. takes off glasses to relax after a long day of having to see everything dajo42

5. when you have to go to see a 3D movie in cinema @itzSaman

trying to drink hot tea while wearing glasses more like

where the fuck did the laptop go

A moment of silence for all the hair ripped out by the hinges of eyeglasses.
you deserved so much better.

8. the most unrealistic part of harry potter was that nobody asked to try on harry’s glasses and make fun of how blind he was paddfoot

9. this is what lights look like without your glasses/contacts on. @Jenni_Hein

10. #GrowingUpWithGlasses every time you lay down @HacksForGirlz

11. when you freak out about losing your glasses and your friends tell you to just look for them cactus-buds

12. “I have to clean my glasses on your shirt because mine is the wrong material” – a memoir sultryserpent

13. this is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen @H0rankatie

14. when you first got them vs 2 years later @LenfantSausage

15. People who are complaining about Superman’s glasses disguising his identity have obviously never worn glasses. You take them off around your friends, people who see you every single day, and they’re like ,,WHAT THE FUCK, YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT! IS THAT HOW YOUR EYES LOOK LIKE?! NO WAY! WHO ARE YOU???“ jedi-from-the-shire

16. I like how glasses suggest intelligence instead of broken eyes. cancerousmexicanfetusrapewhistle

17. I hate when I misplace my glasses because then I’m forced to walk around looking like I’m suspicious of everything in the room liaaxoo
whattabout you, cabinet? huh, you sketchy piece of shit? did you take ‘em? mymompickedthisurl

18. need I say more.. @Itsmattroot

19. the struggle when it rains @SincerelyTumblr

20. I wear glasses because I like to dramatically remove them to display anger. It was awkward doing that with contact lenses. @badbanana