John Smith

I don’t have a wallet. All I use are rubber bands. Wallets are too bulky, and rubber bands are tacky inside my pockets, preventing my items from falling out.

Here is what I carry right now:

$2,204 in cash. Normally I carry between $5k and $10k.

Passport. I never carry my Drivers License. Nothing in my “wallet” shows any address whatsoever. Plus, I can leave the country on a moment’s notice.

Bart card for transportation.

6x $500 gift cards. All my “credit cards” are nameless. Also, my maximum loss in case my items get stolen is $500 per card, versus a lot more in my bank account. Additionally, whenever I’m asked to put down a credit card for a security deposit on a hotel or other reservations, the amount I can be charged is limited to $500. They can’t send me a bill or sue me because I provided a fake address.

All insurance cards, credit cards, social security card, drivers license and rewards cards are kept in Evernote, in a folder called “wallet.” I can pull them up on my phone at any time, as long as I remember my password.

Yes, you are technically supposed to drive with your physical drivers license. I’ve been pulled over many times and not carrying my physical license has never been a problem.

Why do I do this? Privacy. I’ve been the target of 6 frivolous lawsuits in 2016 alone. Keeping my identity private helps prevent this from happening.

I eat at the same sushi restaurant about 4x per week. One day the waitress said, “what is your name? I looked at your receipts and your credit cards never have a name.” This is intentional. I never give out my real name to anyone I don’t know very well.

I keep a slip of paper inside my passport that says “If lost, call XXX-XXX-XXXX.” This is a VOIP number that forwards to my cell phone.


Sorry, I’m going anonymous on this one. Only a couple people know my net worth and I’m not one to brag.

First off I don’t like having a bulky wallet so I tend to carry only what I intend to use regularly. I like to travel and have often been known to edit the contents of my wallet when I travel domestically and even more so when on an international adventure. My wallet is black leather and a bifold style.

Here’s the contents, in no particular order:

My driver’s license

My Visa; this one gets rewards that can be used for flights, hotels, etc. I use it for household expenses and any purchases over a couple hundred dollars to benefit from the reward points. I’m debt adverse so this card gets paid off monthly.

My Black Card (Ironically I was excited when they called me an offered it; it was a “I’ve made it moment” but I never use it. They promised exclusive airport lounge access and the only time I’ve tried it wasn’t a cooperating lounge, what a let down.

My check card linked to my personal checking account

My check card linked to my business checking account

My Discover card, I’ve have it for 20 years. I’m under 40, so I keep it as a badge of honor reminding me of my first piece of credit. They have great fraud protection so it comes out when buying online or when I’m unsure of the vender or purchase.

My membership cards, these are not credit card sized but meant for your key ring. I like a simple key ring so these are neatly stacked and tucked into the bill fold portion of the wallet.

My health insurance card (flat tucked where I don’t access it often).

A lamentated copy of my professional license for one of my businesses (flat tucked where I don’t access it often on the opposite side from my insurance card.

Cash; a little under $200. Because I don’t like debt, I stick to my check cards for most purchases but having cash is always a good thing.

Kinda boring, but you asked :)

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