Wirawan Winarto

In Indonesia, it’s the bicycle.

When you are rich, it’s classy to ride your bicycle around Jakarta. They have bicycle clubs, expensive gear, and bike-related gadgets. Riding a bicycle is considered an environmentally-friendly means of transportation and a part of a healthy lifestyle. A good bicycle can cost tens of thousands of US dollars.

However, when you are poor, it’s trashy to ride a bicycle because it simply means you can not afford a motorcycle, let alone a car.

Mark Zeddo

This table.

It’s made of white birch, and hand-distressed. It looks like it’s a hundred years old, even though it is a new piece, and it costs several thousand dollars.

It would be right at home in an elegant hunting lodge, ski lodge, or steakhouse. I am not buying it because I cannot begin to afford it, but if I did, I know that my friends would call it unique, elegant, and full of character.

If I saw it in some crappy trailer with walls that are falling apart, or in some old farmhouse with a leaky roof and no insulation, I would assume it’s an old table in dire need of being replaced. I might say charitably, “well, it still works.”

John Roberson

Drinking at 10 am

Being Driven By Someone Else

Eating Furry Mammals

Government Handouts

Not Living In A House Or Apartment

Owning Firearms

Hunting, Taxidermy

Cheese With Bread As A Meal

Sweets All Day

Excessive Leisure Time

Equestrian Sports

Motor Sports


Enrique Moran


“Oh, man! Look at all the space you’ve got here.”

“Less is more.”

“That chair is the perfect center of focus for that big, white canvas.”

This growing trend in architecture and design is called minimalism. It aims to reconcile our innate affection for symmetrical, well-illuminated visual experiences with our deepest love for simplicity in our minds. Through minimal architecture, it is possible to design places that resonate well in the rational side of our minds- as every single plane of the house has been carefully planned and built in order to follow an specific order or repetitions, empty walls, and geometric figures.

This whole (relatively new) branch has one objective: Keep it simple!

On the other hand…

“So… Uhm… Where are your things? Is the moving truck delayed? ”

“Is this everything you own???”

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