Khaled Ali

Once in middle school I really needed to go to the toilet, but my teacher wouldn’t let me.

After multiple failed attempts to convince her to let me go, she threatened to send me to the principal if I left class either way.

The class was a little noisy and most people weren’t paying attention.

That’s when friend of mine handed me an empty water bottle and I knew what he had in mind. I silently accepted the bottle because I was so desperate, laid a jacket over my lap and started doing my business.

Half-way through, the teacher snaps at the noisy class and everyone goes quiet.


The sound of someone filling up a water bottle was obvious and I was like a deer stuck in the headlights with no choice but to finish my business while everyone stared.

When I was done my heart was pounding and I noticed everyone was staring at me by then. You could see the bottom of the bottle filling up as it stuck out from the jacket. Thats when one guy pointed out to the teacher “MISS! HE’S PISSING IN A WATER BOTTLE” (Noone likes a telltale man, come on…)

Needless to say, I still ended up at the principals office (which was regular for me, then) but this time, with my parents and a one week suspension.

I’ll never forget the sheer embarassment or the shame I had as I finished pissing in a bottle with 30 people staring at me silently.

I still look back and laugh at this story with the lifelong friends I made in that class.

P.S: That’s not me in case you were wondering; just a relevant picture I found funny.

Kritika Laddha

When I was in 10th standard

At that time, NCERT changed the syllabus of 10th standard and the new Hindi textbooks are “Kshitiz”and “Kritika”.

We had shortage of NCERT books in our hometown.

Our class teacher decided to order books for us.

That day, he was asking about the books.

Suddenly , He asked ,” How many of you want Kritika”?

Half of our class raised their hands and all burst into laughter. I just kept my head down out of the embarrassment.

Why the book name is Kritika?

This isn’t the end,

One of my batchmate entered late in the class that day.

He asked ,” Sir, May I come in?”

Sir ,” yes , you too want Kritika?

And he was looking at me like a fool.

Everybody laughed.

Embarrassing isn’t it?

Even this isn’t the end.

P.s – You can guess his name.

We were laughing stocks for the whole class.

Petter Brenna Rian

I put a picture of a half-naked man at the end of my class presentation.

I was holding a presentation about Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to a business class during my Masters exchange semester in Taiwan.

My fantastic idea was to end the presentation with a “Thank you for listening” slide containing a GIF with the Old Spice guy saying “Thank you”. This way I could end the otherwise dry content with a funny ending.

However, I made 3 mistakes.

1. The GIF didn’t automatically play in a loop as intended, so when I got to the last slide, it was just a still image of a half-naked muscular black man in a towel.

2. I was in Taiwan. Presenting to international and Taiwanese students, but most importantly, I was presenting to a couple of Taiwanese professors. Obviously they had never seen, or heard of, the Old Spice commercials.

3. Why would putting this guy in my presentation be a good idea at all?

Damn you, Old Spice guy

So there I was, standing in front of the screen with a picture of a half-naked man behind me. The international students got the reference (and laughed), but the rest didn’t.

First question the professor asked was, “Why did you put a naked man in your presentation?”

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