What would you do if you won the lottery? It’s a question we’ve all probably thought about at some point in our lives, and now Jimmy Fallon is asking people to share their answers with his latest hashtag game, #IfIWonThePowerball.

I would run for president. Not really, no one is stupid enought to vote for a rich guy with no political experience.

I would pay off my college debt, and then buy a pack of gum with what’s left over.

Let’s be honest. If I Won The Powerball I’d just complain about the taxes.

I would definitely have a puppy farm (rescues of course)


I would buy a new basketball team in Miami and call them “Humidity” so I can say “its not the Heat, its the Humidity”.



I would pay Morgan Freeman to narrate my life. ” Chris woke up at noon today. He’s thinking about making a sandwich”

I’d rent out an IKEA and sleep in a different display bedroom every night.

#IfIWonThePowerball.. buy all the tickets to an Adele concert, sit in the back row when she came out I could say Hello from the other side.

I’d pay for a new election


I would buy all of the vacant apts in Trump Towers and house all illegal immigrants, refugees in them.

I’d buy every apt. on Trump property and give them to transgender ppl until he’s literally surrounded by them…

i would buy a doughnut shop by a medical marijuana shop and call it “Glazed and Confused” high-light of my life

I would pay to design windshield wipers that don’t miss that little triangle at the bottom of the window.

Hire UFC women 2 follow my daughter for the next 20yrs and kick the crap out of any men that talk to her

I would install safety nets around the perimeter of my home so I could jump out of any window whenever I felt like it

I would pay to have Twitter add an edit option instead of having to copy, paste and delete my tweet if I make a mistake.

I’d buy all of MC Hammers stuff and touch it all!

I’d hire someone to take a small bite of chocolate chip cookies to make sure they weren’t raisin cookies in disguise

I would give it all to charity. And, I would buy a ranch for abandoned dogs and hire homeless people to feed them.