Letting go of an ex completely is never easy. Even though you you’ve moved on or are in the process of doing so, they always somehow manage to creep back into your mind and the urge to shoot them a casual, “How’s it going?” or worse, “I miss you” text becomes super strong. But in my experience, whenever you find yourself asking, “Should I text my ex?” the answer is usually no. Because of that, Sean Drohan, a 24-year-old Princeton graduate created the Google spreadsheet titled, “Things i wanna text my ex”. It’s an open document where anyone can type out the texts they wish they could send their exes without having to deal with the potential consequences of actually having sent one.

“There’s plenty I would like to say to my exes (and too much I’ve already said),” Drohan said in an interview with Refinery29. “People enjoy anonymous opportunities to cry into the ether. There’s kind of this unanswered question of to whom we say these things and why, but that’s what’s interesting.”

The doc is everything you’d imagine it to be. It’s a long spreadsheet filled with the heartbroken, angry, and sometimes hilarious post-breakup thoughts many of us probably had at some points in our lives. They’re so relatable that people are even leaving comments on each other’s messages.

It really is an interesting look into the range of thoughts and emotions people have after being broken up with or breaking up with someone. Here are 15 of the best and most relatable texts people wish they could send their exes:

1. The Sex Was Great, But You, Not So Much…
Comment: Your dick was great but your heart is not

2. I Still Kind Of Hate You, But I Don’t Regret Any Of It
Comment: I tried. I know you did too. I’m sorry things ended up the way they did, and I still kinda hate you for it, but if I had to do it again I would still spend this past year with you. I still wear the stuff you got me

3. I’m Happy You’re Happy But…
Comment: I’m happy you’re thriving but sad that you didn’t want to include me in your future.

4. I Wasted Way Too Much Time
Comment: i wish i had broken up with you the first time i seriously thought about it…not the fifth #RIP3years

5. I Reject You
Comment: I don’t think I’ve ever loved someone as much as I loved you. But you thought you would just throw that away by ghosting me, and then two weeks later marry some random person. And now…. now you’re trying to come back to me. Claiming you have regrets, and finally feeling the weight of what you’ve done. Well, the best love is gone, and I reject YOU. Now you can just go wallow in the misery of your choice.

6. What Does She Have That I Don’t?
Comment: I hated that confirmation that you try to treat her better than you treated me because you learned from me. Why does she deserve better than I did?

7. I Still Love You And I Hate That Life Got In The Way
Comment: It’s been nearly 3 months and I’m still in love with you. I hate that circumstances of grad schools in different cities and different life timelines can drive two people, who worked so well together, apart. Knowing that it was neither of our faults makes it even harder to accept. PS – I’m glad you’re not alone on valentine’s day but knowing you have another valentine today breaks my heart.

8. I’m Just Sad Because No One Will Love Me The Way You Did
Comment: I’m not hug up on you. I don’t even know if I ever really loved you. I’m only sad because I can’t imagine anyone loving me the way you loved me.

9. I Don’t Want To Be Angry Anymore
Comment: I carried around anger and resentment for you too long. You ended a three year relationship with a 30 second call with no explanation. It stung, but I carried that with me long after I should have set it aside. I’m with someone great now, and that only happened because you let me go. So I don’t want be angry anymore. But i also wish I could stop thinking of you from time to time.

10. I Just Wanted You To Fight For Me
Comment: I feel stupid for feeling the way I do about you. We were never official. It’s hard to explain to people that I’ve had this crazy on/off thing with you for this long. It’s so sad how this breaks my heart. How I still love you. How I want to check up on you. How I want you to know how I feel. How I wish you would’ve replied to my message and actually fought for me, instead of accepting it. I just wanted you to be sure about me. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

11. I Hope We Find Each Other Again
Comment: No matter how much time has passed since we last saw each other, I always find myself thinking about you. I miss you and I never got the chance to tell you that I loved you then and still love you now. I don’t know how you’re doing but I hope you’re doing well. How we met is interesting but I don’t regret meeting you one bit. We never had the opportunity to be with one another but I hope that we find our ways back to one another in the future.

12. I’m Still Secretly Hoping You’ll Talk To Me Again
Comment: I pretend I’m over you, but I spend all day staring at an open gchat box waiting for it to say “typing…”

13. I’m Sorry For The Things I Never Told You
Comment: I’m sorry I said I wasn’t connecting to us anymore. I wanted this to hurt the same way its been hurting me ever since you told me you were leaving months ago and I decided to keep seeing you. There is never a moment I looked at you with anything less than love and wonder. I love you. I never said that too. I missed you when we were together and I miss you now and I’ll miss for quite some time. I don’t know how long that is. Bye.

14. Thank You
Comment: Thank you. I needed you to destroy me so I could come back LIKE A FUCKING PHOENIX, BITCH. #ItsLit

15. I’ve Found Someone Way Better
Comment: I look at you and I can’t believe I hated you. I have no idea what I saw in you. Anyway, things are better now – I’m so incredibly happy with my current boyfriend. He’s kind, supportive, funny and way better in bed. He’s sane. I think he’s the one.

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