1. This forced smile
When life is stressing you out but you’re trying to maintain a positive attitude.


2. This downfall
When you’re failing 7 out of 5 classes and you’re trying to act like everything’s fine


3. This painfully true voiceover
friend: how are things?
me: things are good!
narrator: things were not good

4. This refusal to work
me: *has a job*
me: *sees my name on the schedule*


5. This giant lie
“You should never bottle up your emotions,” I say, kicking seventeen Emotion Bottles™ under the carpet.

6. This classic delusion
When ur life has been spiraling out of control and you get more bad news


7. This assimilation
when you’re anxious but trying to act cool


8. This extremely accurate cartoon


9. This comforting illusion
Sometimes I like to pretend everything’s a video game just with like really great graphics.

10. This clever advice
U can’t be broke if u don’t check ur bank account


11. This cat, that is quite frankly denial goals
it’s my goal to be this calm when things are falling apart


12. s refusal to accept time as a construct
me: oh yeah 2007, three years ago?
someone: …10 years ago
my brain:


13. This typical case of bottling up your feelings


14. This student who is totally fine
Lost my ID tonight and they made me take a new picture drunk so it’s fine I’m fine


15. This refusal to let fear surface
me trying to walk down the street and enjoy the warm weather without thinking about how global warming will kill us all


16. This absolute classic


17. This hopeful, but ultimately unsuccessful idea
me trying to fit my February plans into my budget


18. This accurate revision session
me trying to learn 5 weeks worth of homework I haven’t done 10 minutes before an exam


19. This bank account betrayal
Account balance: $100.00
Me: *spends $2.91*
New account balance: $97.09


20. This inner monologue
PERSON: You always seem so chill.
ME EXTERNALLY: oh thanks


21. This totally normal reaction to bad news
When your day is already bad, and you get more bad news to add to the collection


22. This lie we all tell ourselves
“If I give up and go sleep now, I can wake up early tomorrow to revise”