1. When you do nothing and still resent the lack of results
how dare my skin break out just because of my terrible diet and total disregard of regimented skincare

2. When you want tips from dermatology experts:
me: that baby’s skin is so soft? what’s their routine I wonder

3. When karma should be nicer to you
i drink water i mind my own business where is my flawless skin

4. When you have a short moment of confidence
My Mirror: *Oh, you fine as shit. Never looked better*
iPhone Camera:


5. When you expect speedy results
*washes face*
*checks if acne is still there*

6. When you get excited about a good skin week
when your skin is finally clearing up and you get a little too confident and then your acne comes back


7. When you begin a lifestyle change
[eats fruit for dessert once]
[opens laptop]
[presses record]
So I know you guys have been wanting a healthy eating tutorial. Today, I’m goi

8. When things get too real
me @ my skin: get your shit together
my skin: you first bitch


9. When you’re fighting against your skin
When will this bitch (my skin) realize that we’re both on the same team

10. When you’re being the best you you can be
listen…i literally dream of being a woman with a skin care routine, that smells good always and eats vegetables but i am a swamp demon and i’m doing what i can with that

11. When you do try, your skin is unforgiving
me: drinks water, washes my face, buys expensive skin care products
my skin:


12. When self care is just too extra
Change your mindset. Educate yourself. Stay positive. Cut shitty people off. Eat healthy. Focus on your goals. Spend some time alone. Read books. Drink more water. Take care of your skin.

13. When you’d rather enjoy the little things
Leading skincare experts: hot water is actually bad for your skin jsyk
Me: that’s unfortunate *continues to boil my flesh in the shower*

14. When oily skin is an aesthetic
my oily ass skin: *reflects light*
me: wow look at that highlight

15. When your communication is suffering
my skin: i’m literally……… dying pls drink water, eat better, use some product,,, sleep decent hours………

16. When you misplace your bitter resentment
how is it 2016 and we still don’t have an instant cure for acne. what are we putting our money into……..space exploration? that’s enough i don’t want another man on the moon until my skin is clear

17. When you cry for your health
make sure u cry all your makeup off before u go to bed:) sleeping with makeup on is bad for ur skin !

18. When a skincare routine finally works
my skin feels so soft, thanks to My Tears™

19. When you treat yourself
me, applying a hydrating serum to my skin: have a fucking sip babe

20. When you love yourself anyway
Me on my period when I’m all bloated with crappy skin telling myself I still look cute


21. And when you’re in this together
it’s just me and my oily skin against this world