Omar Patel

• Given speeches in front of 3,000+ people as a teenager.

• Dislocated my right shoulder 11 fucking times (once it didn’t go back in for 2 hours).

• Memorized the entire Quran, word for word.

• Then recited the Quran to Rulers of the United Arab Emirates.

• Awarded Time’s Person of the Year award in 2006 (look it up. I dare you).

• Used a 54-character password as a 13 year-old (no words).

• Have not touched a soft drink for 367 days.

• Visited 21 countries (although I guess that isn’t really unique)

• Eaten a 1.4 pound burger in under 10 minutes (this one’s my baby).

• Ran a marathon (I think they shut down the race and went home by the time I made it to the end so…).

• Frequently talk to random people in the elevator (occasionally make a friend).

Craig Good

I suspect I’m the only person on the planet to have done all four of these things:

• Shake hands with Augusto Pinochet

• Have breakfast with George Lucas

• Get a ride in Steve Jobs’ Porsche

• Receive a Skype call from Sully Sullenberger (who was calling from France)

Russell Backman

I am not proud of it….ok, maybe a little.

In college, I had sex with my girlfriend (we had a modify open relationship, so I am not a total douche bag at the time), her sister, then her mother over the course of two weeks. It wasn’t a planned thing, it all just fell into place. I have always wondered if they talked to each other and found out.

Jake Williams

• Climbed 150m up a sheer rockface without a rope (that was stupid)

• Been stabbed.

• Eaten the worlds hottest chilli (at the time), the Naga

• Been inside Prince Charles’ helicopter (good story there)

• Spoken to members of Delta Force.

• Walked around in public dressed as a fox for no reason.

• Made black powder.

• Chopped down a tree the old fashioned way, with an axe.

• Walked on a glacier

• Seen the northern lights

• Seen the northern lights while walking on a glacier

Nika Maglaperidze

• Deactivated Facebook and never got back (2 years)

• Met a bear and a fox while hiking

• Ran from a bear (In bear’s defense, it didn’t even try to follow us)

• Walked on a glacier, right there

Shkhara Glacier, Georgia

• Hitch-hiked on this

• Slept peacefully in a tent while raining&freezing outside

• Woken up with a perfect views in front of me

• Been above the clouds

• And I guess all these beautiful views have contributed to the best thing I’ve done: not given a fuck about almost anything in life.

All these photos except last one (clouds) are taken in Ushguli, Georgia, which, per some sources, is the highest settled point in Europe. It’s absolutely stunning and perfect hiking destination for those who love mountains.

If you decide to visit it, or need any details, feel free to message me. I’m more than happy to share the information with you!

via Quora