1. This picture may freak you out at first

2. These two profile pictures make the perfect coincidence

3. And this gets creepier the longer you look at it
everything in this picture is made of Snoop Dogg


4. Contrary to what your mind might tell you, this is only one person.

5. This shadow is eerily familiar

6. And does this doll remind you of anyone?
This Emma Watson Belle doll looks like Obama


7. This isn’t a row of clones either.

8. This alligator looks suspiciously cool.

9. This note needs at least 10 seconds worth of staring to really be appreciated.

10. And you’ll only be able to see this for a second before its gone.

11. This rock could be mistaken for a snack
This rock looks like a grilled cheese sandwich


12. And this shadow could be mistaken for an ogre.

13. This guy’s hair looks like it could be something else.

14. And so does this guy’s.
So accurate, i just hate it when my soup spills


15. This milky discovery is artistic as fuck.
After I poured milk into my coffee, I found Snoopy on the doghouse under the moon


16. This coin sequence is almost too good to be true.
My change today shows the Queen aging.


17. And this outline looks like a household pet.
The outline of this rock formation looks like a Kitty


18. This leftover butter makes the perfect pattern.
The butter on my knife made a spooky forest


19. And this picture will make you think before realising that it’s ridiculous.


20. It may look like it, but this sign isn’t invisible.
The back of this sign is nearly transparent against the color of the sky


21. And no matter how long you look, these potatoes will never not look like sausages.
These purple potatoes look a bit like sliced sausages


22. This cloud formation is a little too real.

23. This video is both entertaining and wildly confusing all at the same time.

24. Once you see the face, you can only see the face.
Whenever our maintenance guy writes “old,” it looks like a mildly unhappy face.