Married at First Sight is an American reality television series based on a Danish series of the same name titled Gift Ved Første Blik. Four couples are matched up by four experts and meet for the first time at an altar.

1. This reason why we all watch the show.

2. This accurate representation of Lauren dodging a bullet.

3. As well as this IRL footage of Scarlett’s secret-keeping skills.

4. This screenshot of the moment Debbie realised she wasn’t marrying a Polynesian man.

5. This reminder than Jonathan gushed about Trump at a dinner party.

6. This glimpse at Nick whenever Sharon goes on about his “naughty” past antics.

7. This portrayal of Jesse fighting his way through all those doors.

8. This fond depiction of where Deb probably is right now.

9. And her new reality adventure.

10. This explanation as to why Nadia probably doesn’t want to move for Anthony.

11. And this clear set of instructions for Nadia.

12. This candid picture of the experts at work.

13. And this IRL footage of the experts watching every dinner party unfold.

14. This GIF of basically everyone in Australia watching Andrew and Anthony.

15. This very, very good point.

16. This Oscar-worthy performance.

17. This look at expert John Aiken livening things up on what should have been a drama-free night.

18. This ideal dinner party scenario.

19. This truth.

20. And this.

21. Basically this perfect summary of the goddamn series.

22. This sneak peek at the contents of Jesse’s letter to Michelle.