1. I am who I am
my aesthetic is rachel green standing up for herself at her ex fiancé’s wedding by singing copacabana in a pink little bo peep dress

2. Well, well, well, well

3. This

4. Friends

5. No friends

6. Won’t let it go

7. Good work, Pheebs



9. Obviously


10. Get your facts straight
I don’t agree with tumblr’s whole “you can’t enjoy this thing because it’s problematic” vibe, but watching Friends is weird now knowing that the actor who played Chandler led an invasion of Japan in 1863, which led to the forceful Westernisation of the isolated country. chromolume
1853. wandasykesvevo
I’m sorry, yes, the actor who played Chandler in Friends invaded Japan in 1853, not 1863. chromolume

11. Sry, not sry

12. Those dots

13. Valid

14. Hi, Richard


15. Poor, sweet Matt LeBlanc
srry joey ):


16. Dibs

17. Good question, tbh

18. I’m fine

19. I’m here, to remind you

20. Can’t ignore the facts

21. Gal pal Rachel Green
Gal pal, Rachel Green – 15 years later


22. Normal day