Julian Reisinger

Dating someone extremely attractive sucks!

• First you have to go through the trouble of finding someone extremely attractive and ‘convince them’ of dating you. Not an easy task considering that she can freely pick pretty much any guy.

• Once you are seeing each other, there is a horde of penis-operated, zombie-esque guys chasing after your woman.
They come in all forms: It could be a stranger messaging her on Facebook in the middle of the night, a guy approaching her as soon as he sees you head for the restroom, or the suspiciously friendly DJ trying to get her drunk with free shots.

• Constantly getting complimented on your beauty slowly screws with your brain. Hearing several times a day how sexy he is, would turn even the Dalai Lama into a self-absorbed asshole.

• People treat you really nice for no apparent reason other than your girlfriend’s beauty. FAKE people! Sad!

• You have come to terms with the fact that every single one of your friends and acquaintances thinks of your girlfriend when masturbating.

• When you pass a group of guys they usually turn around and check-out your partner’s ass.

• You get really paranoid about someone checking out your partner’s ass.

• Guys come up and weirdly congratulate you on some sort of achievement.

Despite all the reasons mentioned above, I still bit the bullet and chose to date an extremely attractive woman. ;) Not for her beauty though, but for the fact that she has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. And unlike physical beauty, her gorgeous character will never fade.

The two of us.


Joel Nieman

It’s great, but definitely has its issues. Here are some of the pros and cons based on looks alone.


• Sex life can be really great

• Lots of extra attention

• People/businesses treat you better

• Social proof (if you date one hot girl, other hot girls will be more interested in you).

• Boosts confidence


• Lots of extra attention. Guys literally flock to her ALL OF THE TIME, doesn’t even matter where. Almost every day I’m told of some random guy that approached her at work or at the store or anywhere really. When I’m with her I literally need to work to keep them off of her.

• Ex boyfriends tend to linger around forever. The single ones still try to get back with her even though it’s been years and she isn’t interested at all.

• Incredible amount of attention on social media. Even if she isn’t active, she gets a ton of likes / comments / messages every day. We’ll be sitting there hanging out with each other and be interrupted by a notification that some random guy is liking her pictures from 2 months ago or sent her a ridiculous message.

• You know that there are literally hundreds of guys patiently waiting for you to have a fight so they can try to squeeze their way into the mix.

• They can expect a lot of you. They can be difficult at times to test you. An attractive women is likely an experienced dater and looking for a man who can handle her. If you can’t, you aren’t enough of a man for her. It’s okay, though because you’ll be better prepared for the next woman.

• You are replaceable. Logically speaking, it’s very easy for a beautiful woman to leave you and go get another boyfriend. You need to be comfortable with this. Here’s the thing though, she is dating you now for a reason. You are likely attractive as well for whatever reasons. Know that you can also replace her. It’s not a reflection of either of your worth though so don’t think you’re better or worse than one another if it doesn’t work out. It just didn’t work out.

These are just some of the pros and cons but hopefully it paints a pretty good picture for you. Dating a beautiful woman is an incredible experience. I believe it’s one of, if not the greatest reward life can offer and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It definitely has its challenges, though, and can be really stressful at times.

Andrew Frawley

So epic!

Your friends will finally invite you out for brunch again.

Your dad will approve of you.

Your dog will bark less.

Your boss will give you a raise.

Money will grow on trees.

You will grow wings and fly into heaven.

Kidding. Obviously.

It’s more like this;

You will never see your friends again.

Your dad will approve of you.

Your dog will trade you in for her.

Your boss will hit on her.

Money will evaporate.

Even you will grow some weird attachment to her.

In all honesty, though, a lot of people kept it really politically correct in here.

It feels good. No matter how non-superficial you try to be, society has reinforced the value of good looks so many times over. You do feel a little cool at times. But beyond that, it’s the same as any other relationship.

You cherish the moments of isolation. You struggle with mixed signals about stupid things. You fumble around in commitment. You do nice things. You stay up until 2am talking about embarrassing stories. You get in trouble at work for laughing at her texts during a meeting.

Just people bein’ people

But you know what is better than dating someone extremely attractive?

Someone who can’t stop smiling because of you.

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