1. When this T in the Park camper made the best of a bad situation…
Fishing in the campsite on Sunday

Being oot yer nut at T

2. When an Aberdeen woman decided to channel her inner pirate.

3. When this guy got a bit confused.

4. When this “drunk lassie” had her priorities right.

5. When Jack got a seriously unwise tattoo.

6. When Louise got the munchies.

7. When this guy made a similar mistake.


8. When Hayleigh’s mum got creative…

9. When this MWI mum fell in love with a dog.

10. When Saoirse’s mum had a different strategy…


11. …and when this guy found a splendid way to sneak his swally into a festival.
guy wae a swally planked in his loaf a bread

Being oot yer nut at T

12. When some absolute genius invented the whisky dispenser.
Meanwhile, in Scotland…


13. When Santa got a wee bit too merry.

14. And when these Glasgow uni students discovered a festive new hobby.


15. When this dad took his horse down the pub.

David Henderson‎

16. When these stag do revellers took their outfits a bit too literally.


17. When Daizy created this masterpiece.

18. When Robbie thought he could start his car with a doughnut.