1. This very funny, very sweet mum who just loves her kid so much
mom text


2. This mum who cooked up a storm

3. This mum who knows how to use apps a little too well
my mom will literally download any app


4. This mum who is clearly crying for help

5. This mum who hasn’t quite got the hang of WhatsApp

6. This poor mum-to-be

7. This mum who had to hear more than she should have

8. This mum who got cropped out of the family photo

9. This very accommodating mum

10. And this even sweeter one

11. This ever-optimistic mother

12. And this opportunist

13. This mum who is just so proud of the people she loves

14. This mum who wanted her kid to have all of the comforts of home

15. This mum who wanted to make extra sure she was following instructions properly

16. This adorable mum who clearly just discovered emojis