1. When you’re punk’d by a damn jacket

2. Or when you just can’t relate to the Belles of the world

3. When they become needier than your ex

4. When it seems like every store just rotates the same four people

5. When they go a little too patch-crazy

6. When they’re qwhite problematic

7. And like to pretend they’re not


8. When anything beyond a large seems to be taboo

9. And when an actual “large” translates to “small”

10. When your life is overrun with tags

11. When they get inspired by an iconic TV moment

12. When customers try to pretend it’s Black Friday EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR

13. When “basics” are literally nonexistent

14. And when you just want the shirts to stop talking

15. When trying on clothes is an adventure all its own

16. When you enter a new era

17. When Forever 21′s shit return policy gets you again

18. And finally, when you can’t help but just say “um…what?”