1. You can’t repurpose a man’s shirt into a cute dress.


2. And you certainly can’t reach for things on high shelves when you’re wearing a mini dress


3. You can’t wear shirt dresses
The lady at H&M told me this is a dress…. um no honey, this is not a dress! {I bought it to wear as a shirt}


4. You can’t wear high-waisted cut-off shorts without your butt cheeks hanging out the bottom

via Internet

5. You can’t take bomb-ass selfies in a lot of mirrors
When you’re too tall for the mirror


6. You can’t wear ankle-biter jeans unless you love a mid-calf cut-off


7. You can’t comfortably fly on a plane unless you have that business-class cashflow


8. In fact, you can’t even really wear normal-length jeans because they never reach past your ankles
OMG. Ok fellow tall girls, you know the struggle, skinny jeans are always too short


9. You certainly can’t use changerooms or public bathrooms without making awkward eye contact with other people
In the toilet at Blue’s Kitchen in Shoreditch – Maisie and I could see each other over the stalls in our heels


10. You can’t even dream about taking a relaxing bath
When your legs are to long for your bath


11. You can’t meet a new person without them commenting on your height or asking if you play basketball
This bag has amused me all the way home


12. You can’t wear long-sleeve shirts unless you’re fine with having cold wrists

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13. You can’t easily wash your hair in gym or hotel showers

via New Line Cinema

14. And you can’t ever get comfy in a hotel bed


15. You can’t easily find cute shoes in your size because you probably have big-ass feet that are in proportion to your legs


16. And you can’t wear heels on a night out unless you’re fine with being 8 feet tall


17. You can’t really wear a crop top without it looking like more of a long bra
expectation vs reality


18. And you can’t sit on someone’s lap without looking ridiculous
How I look trying to be cute on a short guys lap