1. This non-exhaustive list
things that make me cry:
• math
• people

• actually basically everything idk why i started making a list

2. This physiological reaction
me: *encounters something slightly difficult*
brain: you have to cry
me: why
brain: you gotta

3. This handy guide
how to adult:
• make lots of lists
• make your bed
• send lots of emails and only cry maximum 5 minutes before making phone calls
• scream only mildly internally when strangers talk to you
• laundry sometimes

4. This philosophy
get rich or cry tryin

5. This slight inconvenience
I cry when I’m angry and that’s the very worst thing because you’re trying to act tough and mean and instead you cry

6. This inner monologue
me: hoe don’t do it
me: *starts crying*
me: oh my god

7. This child genius
baby: *is crying*
me: that baby has the world figured out already and at such a young age

8. This inspiring quote
im crying my best

9. This excuse to open up
someone: hey are you okay
me with no hesitation: *starts crying*

10. This power move
mark your territory by crying on things

11. This regular occurrence
me: starts crying
someone else: what’s wrong
me: this is just something that happens

12. This great bio
cool facts about me!!!!!
• i cry a lot
• i will cry if u talk to me
• i will cry if u dont talk to me
• i wil cry

13. This healthy lifestyle
person: wow you drink so much water, you’re so healthy!!
me: i cry so much i gotta stay hydrated

14. This inconvenience
its embarrassing being a happy crier. also an angry crier. definitely a sad crier too. actually you know what im pretty much just always crying

15. This dare
someone, sarcastically: hah go cry about it
me: i’m literally going to

16. This useful beauty tip
make sure u cry all your makeup off before u go to bed:) sleeping with makeup on is bad for ur skin !

17. This terrifying threat
don’t mess with me i have a black belt in crying

18. This reasonable explanation
im not crying i have something in my eye probably tears

19. This relatable moment
the most relatable thing to happen to any disney character is when alice literally flooded a room with her tears and then moments later was completely dry-eyed floating in a bottle saying “oh dear i wish i hadn’t cried so much”

“ah well, ANOTHER mental breakdown”

20. This believable explanation
[said while barely holding back tears] honestly this is fine and i am completely unaffected right now, currently, as we speak

21. And finally, this very useful tip
yknow if romeo had just Cried on juliets corpse for a couple hours instead of drinking poison Right Then they would have been Fine harmonicakind
The moral of the story is: always take time to cry for a few hours before making important decisions.