1. This friend making sure her main chick doesn’t get hurt

2. This friend with the perfect cure to feeling unwell

3. And this one with the greatest skills and patience

4. This one ensuring his friend has options

5. These friends making sure their mate’s photo is well lit

6. And this one going to new heights for the perfect shot

7. These mates who know the value of love over possessions

8. This friend who only wants the best for her mates

9. And this one with bags full of love

10. This whole squad creating memories in style

11. This friend with enough stock for an apocalypse

12. And this one who knows the exact amount their friend needs

13. This bestie who travelled far for friendship

14. And this one who documented everything for love

15. This friend who took thoughtfulness to the extreme

16. These friends who know the importance of pizza

17. And these ones who don’t leave anyone behind

18. This one who demonstrated just how much friendship is worth to her