1. Being a cat person is a very, very good way of life
I love that I’m the person that comes to mind when something cat related shows up on people’s newsfeed. My dms are lit

2. It’s about making choices
Me: Would you like beef or lamb for dinner?
Husband: Ohh lamb please!
Me: I was talking to the cat

3. It is a love most pure and true
That confused and angry look he* gives you when you turn on the light and get out of bed for a second
*he is my cat

4. So soft. So warm. So comforting
Wish my cat could be the big spoon sometimes

5. Cat people understand that cats have their own priorities
Cat Meeting Re: Christmas tree
Cat 1: we need to knock this over
Cat 2: Knock it over
Cat 3: I just really think it needs to be knocked over

6. It makes you realize that literally everything about cats is cute. Everything
You ever just look at a cats foot and think, “wow, that’s the cutest thing I have ever seen.”

7. A love that makes you sacrifice things sometimes
When the cat is curled up on your comforter and your legs are cold but you don’t want to disturb the cat.

8. they don’t even mind when cats make sudden, unexpected moves.
My cat jumped in the sink at the perfect time for me to spit my toothpaste on the back of her head

9. Cat people know that even though affection from a cat is rare, it is sacred
Is there anything more pure than the squeaky sound a cat makes when you pet it after it hasn’t been touched for a while

10. Cat people: they get it
Just started crying cause I saw a candle that looks like a little cat so that’s where I’m at

11. Being a cat person is about accepting your cat for who they are. No matter how “unique.”
this is Olive. He likes to be pet with a fork, preferably a dirty one