1. You couldn’t skive off school because you’d inevitably run into your mum in town

2. Although tbh skiving school was fairly uneventful

3. You’d bump into your teachers outside school

4. Plus you had the same teachers as your siblings

5. And your auntie was the dinner lady

6. School trips to the city were a genuine treat

7. Which meant you tried your best to avoid school dinners entirely as you got older

8. Which was also where you learned to drink

9. “Yer maw” was the worst possible insult.
By popular demand ‘Yer Maw’s Yer Da’.

Lisa Donati

10. And country dancing was extra cringey

11. You couldn’t wait until you were old enough to go to the big city without your parents.

12. Most importantly, going to a small town school meant all your friendships were really strong

13. When all other options failed, you could always go on a spontaneous camping trip with your pals

14. Most of your play was indoor play


15. Because there wasn’t loads to do, you’d end up getting into every single craze around


16. You learned so much from school desk graffiti

17. And these jotters were just begging to be defaced

18. You’d try (and fail) to pretend that it wasn’t your birthday to avoid the dumps

19. Your dates would take place at the local chippy


20. And we all knew someone who either was, or who had dated, a Young Farmer