1. This girl’s answer to a school question

2. When someone got the message wrong

3. This school lunch

4. When wee Alan nearly fitted into a Kopperberg box

5. This reaction to being overcharged for food

6. When this mix up happened at a hotel

7. When John West was called out for their lies

8. When there was no way things would last

9. This Valentine’s day gift set
For that special someone


10. This Just Eat delivery

11. This genuinely brilliant shop name

12. When Sean turned into a chicken goujon

13. When even sex got a little more Scottish
I was just on vacation in Scotland and found out these exist…


14. When this genius costume was created

15. When someone got this birthday cake

16. When someone threw out a four pack

17. This show of respect to the creator of pre-drinks

18. This carb-based crime

19. When this was a supermarket’s idea of ready meals
Meanwhile, in Scotland…


20. This crafty way of hiding chocolate

21. When someone got asked a question at KFC

22. This unappetising snack

23. When a customer just wanted his takeaway
Never get between a hungry Scotsman, and his favourite fish and chip shop.


24. When there were no snitches

25. When the joke on a Penguin bar wasn’t up to scratch

26. And when someone on Facebook just couldn’t spell