1. Why would anyone ever wear a one of these things?
Daily reminder to wear a helmet


2. No point at all in helmets.

3. Not seeing the point here.

4. Everyone’s face could use some lines like this.

5. The whole thing just seems pointless.
Why should you wear a full-face helmet?


6. I say ban the big dumb things.

7. Yup, can’t think of a reason anyone would put one of these dumb things on.

8. This looks useless to me.

9. I mean, I for one think this would look great on your head.

10. Drawing a blank here.

11. Can’t see the point.

12. Nope.

13. There’s just no point.

14. Never putting one of these on.

15. Won’t catch me in one.


16. Completely pointless

17. Helmets are totally useless.