1. This son who partied a little too hard last night.

2. This son who underestimated the importance of social media

3. This kid who clearly has a way with words

4. This Pizza Hut that clearly missed the meaning of the day

5. This kid whose artistic ability didn’t quite live up to his sister’s

6. This daughter whose Pinterest dreams were a bit too lofty

7. This church that really could have rephrased a little

8. This son who just couldn’t resist

9. This daughter who really needs to read the fine print

10. This store that was slightly underprepared

11. This son-in-law who had remarkably bad timing

12. This Dad who meant well but fell a little short

13. This husband who got to Hallmark just a tad too late

14. And this husband who did absolutely nothing

15. This Dad who just plain fucked up

16. This restaurant that tried catering to a different demographic