1. This perfect Girl Scout Cookies pun
curses, trefoiled again


2. This one is WAY too real too

3. As well as this pun that’s cereal-ously funny

4. This example of #RelationshipGoals

5. This nutritious prank

6. And this joke that will only make sense if you’re a film major *AND* into Italian food

7. This deep-fried burn
Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sunday’s to give us a chance to go to church to pray for people like you.


8. And this ice-cold one
design an ice cream machine that’ll work


9. And this sugary sweet play on words

10. This tweet that will change the way you look at pasta forever

11. And this funny, but way too real tweet

12. This throwback

13. This guy, who proves not all heroes wear capes

14. And what friendship is really like

15. Rules for ordering red meat

16. This #gourmet tweet

17. This accurate statement

18. Food Network shows, in one tweet

19. This incredibly difficult photo challenge

20. Same here

21. Not all political news is bad

22. When your Mexican food is more poppin’ than your makeup

23. When you’re *THAT* coworker

24. This amazing play on words

25. And this one too

26. Modern dating

27. And finally, this perfect tweet