1. When he had a solid after party planned

2. When he spent the day with his grandparents

3. When he was on the prowl

4. When he wrote a poem for John Mayer

5. When he shared his spirit animal

6. When he just needed to talk about maple syrup

7. When he sang live in front of Usher for the first time

8. When someone asked if he would date a fan

9. When he was sexy and he knew it

10. When he loved his haterz

11. When he had a very important question about planes

12. When he took a nap

13. When he thought he might be dead but wasn’t sure

14. When he recalled the good old days with Taylor Swift

15. When we all knew he likes to swim directly after he eats

16. When he tried to be sexy for Teen Vogue

17. When he was just tryna come up with something clever

18. When he was one more lonely boy

19. When he expressed his love in a simple yet beautiful way

20. When he practiced his British slang

21. When he was in pain

22. When his BFF Siri failed him

23. When he was feeling *random*

24. When he had a very serious question

25. When he revealed his favorite weird food combos

26. When he was in Seattle, I’m assuming

27. When he revealed his biggest weakness

28. When he just had one wish

29. And finally, when he revealed why he’ll always have the best tweets ever