1. When she loved Twilight as much as everyone else did in 2010

2. And when she loved Katy Perry that much too

3. Like, really

4. When she had a wild night in

5. And another

6. When she had a lot of time on her hands

7. When she shared the love for John Mayer and Justin Bieber

8. And when she (condescendingly) complimented a young JB

9. When she tweeted this cryptic nonsense

10. When she was musing about Demi’s new perfume name

11. When she made an impulse buy, just like the rest of us

12. When she gave us an insight into her rap career

13. And gave us a backstage pass to her rehearsals

14. When she lived out a Gaga song

15. When she was a ’90s fangirl

16. And when she tweeted the most Taylor Swift thing ever

17. When she had no idea that one day she’d be an honorary Angel

18. And when she lived her most thug life

19. When she raised some serious questions about her brother

20. When she loved on the Hannah Montana Movie as much as we did

21. When she got free floss, thank god, because how else would she afford it

22. When she got creative

23. When she did exactly what I would have done

24. When she was living her life to the fullest

25. Again and again

26. When she got really into watching viral videos

27. But always needed to make sure everyone was ok