1. More than anything, remember this: YOU have never gone out for dinner dressed like a plate. This guy has

2. Always be glad that that your check-ups have never gone this badly

3. And that you’ve never replied “LOL” to a dead grandpa text

4. Trying to do a good deed for you little sister only for it to go this wrong

5. Imagine being the girl who said this, with salad on her head

6. Or the girl whose dog was ruined

7. Imagine thinking you could move on with your life, turning on the TV, and finding this

8. Be glad your romantic gestures are more successful than this dad’s

9. Things may be bad for you, but at least they’re not “screengrab a text from your boss, and accidentally sent it back to him while calling him a cunt” bad

10. Luckily, you have enough composure not to let things like this happen

11. And you’ve never been made to mime playing a recorder

12. If you’d received this text you’d never have been the same again

13. You’ve never discussed erb derbs with your friends

14. Or been violated by a Pikachu

15. Thank god this happened to Diego, and not you

16. And that it wasn’t you who woke up in this position

17. Imagine accusing your SO of cheating, only to realise it’s their little sister

18. Or dealing with confusing emotions in such a manner as this

19. Thankfully, you’ve never been approached by an old woman proclaiming you have the same look

20. Aren’t you relieved you’ve never received this text from your mother?

21. Or that putting the bins out has never gone down like this

22. Let’s hope your grandma has never tried, and very much failed, to help you sort out your ripped jeans

23. No matter how bad life has got, take solace in the fact that you’ve never asked a band called “Puppy Problems” for help with your dog

24. You’ve never had tens of thousands of people read about the time you brought a girl back, had sex with her, and woke up your whole family

25. …been trapped in the girls toilet thanks to being so high…

26. …or been shown on your school’s official website writing with a fucking cheese string

27. You’ve never thought your mum gave you a dildo for Christmas

28. And we really hope you’ve never had a near death experience with a DJ-ing Uber driver