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Two years ago I was in a visa interview at the U.S. embassy. He was a young man who had already rejected 4 members before me and I was not sure I would succeed. He started asking me several questions, apparently in which he was not convinced, and then his last question was:

“Is that your Dad’s tie?”

My reply: “Yes, it’s a sentiment — it always brought my dad good luck and I believe it would do the same for me.”

That’s it. He smiled and his next words were the golden words:

“Have a nice stay in U.S.”

I told him that answer because I had observed him all the time when he was interviewing, he had worn an old watch and when he was typing something on his computer or when his phone got a notification or something and the screen lit up, I had seen an older man’s photo, clearly resembling him with the beard and the nose, which made me realize that this guy had lost his dad or he had a big love for dads.

Ashish Kaushik

I was interviewed at the end of my 7th semester by 3 officials of an air conditioning company in my college campus. It was my first interview and it was making me apprehensive and worried. After entering the interview room, my interview went on like this …

Interviewer : (Glancing at my CV) So, Ashish give some brief introduction about you and your family.

(As like the rattan parrot I started throwing out words out of my mouth)

Me : Sir, I am Ashish Kaushik student of Mechanical Engineering final year (they already knew it as they had come for placement only of final year students from Mechanical background, but feeling easiness by starting in this way I carried on further). I have a family of five members with my mother, father and two elder siblings. My father is a serviceman in XYZ company. My mom is a housewife. My elder brother is doing a job in a private company and sister is pursuing her M. com. (the challenging line comes now) I am the resident of the highest tax paying city of Haryana i.e. GURGAON.

(Paying attention towards this line they asked another question)

Interviewer: I think that the name of Gurgaon has been recently changed into Gurugram and you are still saying and writing it on your CV as Gurgaon. Why is it so?

Me : Sorry sir. I forgot to get it updated as till now we are using GURGAON instead of Gurugram at most of the places. You can see it written on even Govt. roadways, railway stations so it becomes hard to get GURGAON out of your mouth. But I will get it updated soon.

(As always, we know interviewers are the only monarchs in the interview room and all rules are set only by them which makes anyone fucked up when they feel the person in front of them is guilty. Hence, the same condition arose in front of me)

Interviewer (somewhat yelling at me) : When will you update yourself and your CV? It is showing your lacking quality through updation and you should know that we are here for hiring a person for marketing and sales who should always remain agile and updated.

(I was just losing my confidence and my nerves and mind were not supporting to answer further. Then suddenly a straw saved me from drowning)

Me : Sir, I have visited your company website. There I saw that you have 15 corporate offices all over India and one of them is mentioned as “Delhi – Gurgaon office”.

Interviewer(continuing to pressurise me): So what?

Me (somehow gathering confidence & courage):

So same question goes to you when will you get….(and just stopped by looking at the bursting smile of the interviewer).

Result : Got selected.

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