1. This perfect pun

2. And this equally perfect response to it

3. This foiled plan

4. This interesting backstory

5. This incredible commitment to a joke

6. These rewritten lyrics

7. This excellent pun

8. This graph, which technically is not wrong at all

9. This lesson in screenwriting

10. This helpful tip on how to get to your goal weight, if your goal weight is in the negative numbers

11. This ominous prediction

12. This perfect irony

13. This example of perfect curation

14. This double-whammy of dog puns

15. This pocket-sized oxymoron

16. This perceptive wife and/or predictable husband

17. This “the floor is” joke to end all other “the floor is” jokes

18. This joke you’ll now think of every time it’s unbearably hot

19. This sly threat