Angelina Salazar

I was having a physical done when this happened. A nurse was testing my eyesight and tells me to cover my left eye and read the letters off the poster, then cover the other eye. She then proceeded to tell me,”Okay now let’s try both.”

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I was befuddled but my immediate reaction was to proceed to cover both my eyes. She and all the other nurses died of laughter and later clarified by saying, “I meant look with both eyes.” Boy was I embarrassed.

Becky Berg

I had this terrible pain on the side of my stomach. I went to the urgent care nearby. They did many tests, one of them being an x-ray of my stomach area. The person doing the x-ray was this really attractive, hip-looking guy. We were chatting and laughing while he performed the x-ray.

Afterward, he asked if I wanted to look at the x-ray with him. I said sure. I was diggin’ this guy and we were having a good time, so I wanted to spend more time with him. As we were looking at the x-ray, he said, “Oh..” I said, “So, what do you see?” He pointed at the x-ray, moving his finger all along my intestine area and said, “You see all this?” I said, “yeaah….”, getting nervous. He said, “That’s all POOP.”

Oh. My. God. My face got HOT. I was mortified. He said, “that’s the reason your stomach is hurting. You gotta poop real bad. You need to eat some salad or something.”

Even now, thinking about it, …. ugh… awful! LOL!

Mindi Kurtz

It wasn’t me, but my daughter, and it still makes me laugh today! My daughter was about 13, when she got a bad sty on one of her eyes, so off we went to the doctor. About this same time, she had just gotten some fun color (but hideous) yellow fingernail polish. I told her I didn’t like the color, it looked like jaundice. So while we were sitting with the nurse to schedule a date to have the sty taken care of, I mentioned to my daughter, yet again, that I didn’t like the yellow polish. She said, “I know, because it looks like I have gonorrhea!” the scheduler about fell out of her chair laughing while I tried to tell my daughter I said jaundice, not gonorrhea. Then they asked about the date of her last menstrual cycle. She answered by saying it was hard to tell because her periods were so EROTIC. By this time, the scheduler totally lost it, she was laughing so hard, a nurse was standing outside the room laughing. I was mortified. They had to wonder what kind of people we were. I told her the word was erratic, not erotic. So she says, “Erratic, erotic, what’s the difference?” I waited until we left the office before she could get us in anymore predicaments!

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