It can be pretty annoying when people ask how old you are, but thanks to the trending hashtag #MyAgeInAPhrase we as a people now have the perfect way to respond.

1. The hashtag was started by @esquiretags.
I’m “Saturday morning cartoons, music videos on MTV, Daisy Duke poster on the bedroom wall, Just Say No to Drugs” years old.


2. Like, this is such a good and specific way to say you’re older than 20
“I remember pooping without a smartphone” years old.

3. And this is the perfect way to say you remember how different things used to be
I’m “When candy cigarettes were cool” old.


4. I mean, seriously
I’m “We didn’t wear helmets while riding bicycles” years old.

5. The hashtag definitely made some people of a certain age feel nostalgic
I’m ” come home when the streetlights come on” old.

6. And it perfectly captures what it was like for millennials when they were growing up

7. Why is this so relatable?!
im “grew up on all the TV show/movies that are currently being rebooted/reimagined” old

8. Oh my god, so is this.
When I was a kid, this was the only workout we needed


9. Some people thought of more touching ways to contextualize their ages…
I’m Adam West is the only real Batman old

10. …and some pointed out how far (or not at all) we’ve come.
I’m “can’t believe I’m still protesting this sh*t 40 years later” old


Im “in my day you had to play video games straight through bc you can’t save” years old

12. This is an IDEAL way to tell people you were born before digital cameras were invented
I’m “all my baby pics are sepia or faded red” years old.


13. I didn’t even realize cursive wasn’t taught in schools anymore?!
I’m “I actually learned cursive in school” years old.

14. Phones are an incredibly accurate way to describe how old you are
I’m ‘the phone cord isn’t long enough to reach the bathroom’ old


15. And what you remember doing like it was yesterday

16. So is music, for that matter
I’m “NKOTB was my first concert” years old

17. But honestly, nothing is more relatable for people of a certain age and generation than this.
I’m, “ride in the back of the station wagon years old.”