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Tanya Dascal

There is a saying in Russian:

Fake love: “It’s snowing outside but the snowflakes look so beautiful in your hair”

Real love: “ Put on a hat right now! You’ll get a cold!

Why wouldn’t you tell her you love her?

But still, the best thing you can do is showing her your love.

I’m not talking about flowers, presents, or taking her out…

I personally hate flowers, I don’t like surprises and I am an introvert; I’d rather stay at home:)

Take care of her, listen to what she says and look surprised and interested. Even if she talks about shoes and last TV show she saw.

When she has her periods, buy her chocolate, and let her cry on your shoulder…

Want a hardcore thing? Watch a Nicholas Sparks movie with her when she is in that period of the month:) Trust me, I know what I’m saying…

Just be there for her. Women are driven by emotions, make her feel the best when she is with you.

This is actually the foundation of love.

What do you think of that?

Kanwal Anuvind

When I failed a test for the first time, she was there by my side.

When I was suffering from an acute infection, she was there by my side.

When I couldn’t speak one complete sentence, she was there by my side.

When I had stage fright, she was there by my side.

When I was not taken seriously, she was there by my side.

When I weighed 115 kg (242 lbs), she was there by my side.

When I was preparing for GMAT, she was there by my side.

When I left the country, she was there by my side.

When I was struggling to get a job, she was there by my side.

When I was no one, she was there by my side.

When I am someone, she is there by my side.

She always knows the best way to say “I love you” without actually saying it.

Sarthak Patil

My father always drops me to the exam centre no matter how busy his schedule is. Stays there till I complete my exam and buys me my favourite ice cream on our way back home.

My father, who never goes in kitchen, prepared tea for me when I was studying for one of my exams. He never did that for mom.

4 people and 3 pieces of cake. I don’t like cake, mom exclaimed.

Hey don’t eat custard. You are allergic to banana my sister replied as she kept away her own plate of favourite custard.

Mom coming home after a tiring day and still sitting beside me while I study just to accompany me.

My dog snoopy brought me my earphone case when he found me sitting on bed crying. No wonder he loves me and i think he says it a couple of times in a day when he barks.

My father drives my sister to her early morning coaching class even when he arrives home late at night.

My father had fractured his finger in an accident. He cannot write properly after that accident. But still he drew my sister’s practical diagrams when she was ill.

I never went to school without lunch box. My mom prepared lunch for me even when she was ill and could barely stand.

I have seen my mom and dad make secret sacrifices for each other and then leaving it there. They never used the sacrifices to show their superiority.

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