1. This actual “Oh, shit” moment
good morning my dog just shat next to my pillow

2. This devout Game of Thrones fan
I have an Arya Stark list and at the top is the guy on the street who told me his dog would eat my dog

3. This heartwarming phone call
my dad told me to call my dog through the phone and when I did, my dad said he got up and wagged his tail


4. This toxic relationship
I would literally lay down my life for my dog, and she sometimes pretends not to see me when i talk to her. Im tired of toxic relationships.

5. This ~horrifying~ debate between stupidity and the paranormal
My dog keeps barking at the walls. Now I’m left with two questions. Is my dog stupid? Or is my house haunted? Rough times…

6. This feisty canine
can we just talk about how my moms dog is GLARING at her in this picture LMAO


7. This pup parent who was like, “I told you so”
my dog drank a lot of mud-water even though I told her not to & now she’s looking at me like “mom, i should not have drank all that mud”

8. This quite realistic little lie
Told the lady in Dollar General that my son was turning two because I didn’t want to admit I bought birthday decorations for my dog.

9. This ~obscure~ talent with insects
I just witnessed my dog eat a fly out of the sky, what skill.

10. This unbelievable betrayal
My dog just got out of bed with me to lay on the floor and I can’t remember the last time I felt this betrayed

11. This mom’s ~real~ priority
My mom put a life jacket on my dog today but never once asked where my life jacket was


12. This extra-special message
Someone tell me why my mom just texted me a video of our dog taking a dump without any context.

13. This beautiful lesson on acceptance
i just lectured my dog on how important it is to accept the cat into the family and times like this makes me realize i need a hobby

14. This ~truly~ nauseating self-sufficiency
my dog threw up and i told my mom and she said “it’s okay she will eat it”

15. This very upsetting identity crisis
I’ve just told my dog that the bowl she’s eating out of actually says “CAT.”


16. This really spoiled pup
Let’s just say that my friend is a little too “extra” when it comes to her dog…


17. And finally, this messy morning surprise
Today I woke up & told myself I was gonna have a good day & came downstairs & my dog had explosive diarrhea all over the rug